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Physical education and Physical Activities of Children, Youth, Adults and Healthy Active Living


  • Branislav Antala
  • Jana Labudová
  • Adriana Kaplánová
  • John van Heel
  • Dario Novak
  • Xueshuang Wang

Publisher: Slovak Scientific Society for Physical Education and Sport.

Printed by: DOLIS GOEN, s.r.o., Stará Vajnorská 11, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

Circulation: 622 pages, 100 copies, 1st edition

ISBN: 978-80-8251-012-9

Supported: by ERASMUS + project 613045-EPP-1-2019-1-NL-SPO-SCP “New Health”

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Table of Contents


New Health EU Project - For a Healthier Future! John van Heel

Exercise as a Medicine – Selected Findings from Literature Review in Slovakia. Jana Labudová - Ľubomíra Benčuriková - Ľuboš Grznár - Matúš Putala - Eva Rýzková - Martin Belás - Adriana Kaplánová

Exercise as a Medicine – Selected Findings from Worldwide Literature Review. Manel Valcarce-Torrente - Francisco Gómez-Almeida - Carla Chicau Borrego  - Susana Franco - Eric Vandenabeele - Gert van Reckem - Adriana Kaplánová

Food as a Medicine – Selected Findings from Literature Review in Slovakia. Stanislav Kraček - Gabriela Kotyrová Štefániková - Adriana Kaplánová - Branislav Antala

Food as a Medicine – Selected Findings from Worldwide Literature Review. Susana Franco - Manel Valcarce-Torrente - Francisco Gómez-Almeida - Carla Chicau Borrego - Eric Vandenabeele - Gert van Reckem - Stanislav Kraček - Gabriela Kotyrová Štefániková - Adriana Kaplánová

Brain as a Medicine – Selected Findings from Literature Review in Slovakia. Adriana Kaplánová - Petra Pačesová

Brain as a Medicine – Selected Findings from Worldwide Literature Review. John van Heel - Manel Valcarce-Torrente - Francisco Gómez-Almeida - Carla Chicau Borrego - Susana Franco - Eric Vandenabeele - Gert van Reckem - Adriana Kaplánová

Summary from Literature Reviews Focused on Exercise as a Medicine, Food as a Medicine, and Brain as a Medicine. John van Heel – Adriana Kaplánová – Branislav Antala


Physical Activity and Exercise Enjoyment in a Sample of Metropolitan College Students. Eng Hoe Wee - Wei Fong Cheng - Hui Yin Ler - Ngien Siong Chin

The Effects of Innovative Tools Implemented in Singapore during Physical Education and Physical Activities of Children, Youth and Adults. Govindasamy Balasekaran - Ng Yew Cheo - Peggy Boey

The Relationship Between Attitudes and Participation Motivation Among Undergraduate Students Towards Extra-Curricular Activities During the Pandemic. Ngien-Siong Chin - Eng-Hoe Wee - Boon-Sian Teo - Arthur Ling Wei - Dana Raja A/L Narayanasamy - Matheus Chin Yan Yu

University Students' Lifestyle and Physical Activity during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Jasna Kudek Mirošević

The Application of Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of Behavioural Change Among Malaysian Undergraduate Trainee Teachers towards Physical Activity. Pei-Yi Ting - Ngien-Siong Chin - Garry Kuan - Yee-Cheng Kueh - Boon-Sian Teo – Ting-Len Lim

The Role of Recreation in the System of Physical Education of Young People with a Sedentary Lifestyle. Sergii Ivashchenko - Nataliya Kovalchuk

Effects of Peer Motivation on Sport Participation among College Students. Eng Hoe Wee - Liang Wei Wong - Wei Fong Cheng - Hui Yin Ler - Ngien Siong Chin

Functional Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System in Younger School-age Pupils. Elena Bendíková

Demographic Factors towards Online Learning Readiness of Physical Education and Sports Science Undergraduate Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ngien-Siong Chin - Kie-Yin Teng - How-Yew Lee

Characteristics of Morphofunctional Features of Men Engaged in Power Martial Arts - on Example of Arm Wrestling. Nikulin Igor Nikolaevich - Posokhov Alexey Viktorovich - Sobyanin Fedor Ivanovich – Beketov Oleg Vladimirovich -Bogacheva Elizabeth Alekseevna

Longitudinal Design of Measuring Physical Activity in Children: In Relation to Their Motor Abilities and Anthropometric Measurements. Badriya K. Al-Hadabi

The HEPAS Model: A Healthy and Physically Active School Model Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles in School Settings. Richard Bailey - Manolis Adamakis – Zoltan Boronyai - Jana Vašíčková - Petr Vlček – Andreu Raya Demidoff – Rose-Marie Repond - Sandra Heck - Claude Scheuer

Behavioral Disorders in Children Owing to Confinement by the COVID-19 Pandemic - Proposal of Daily Goals to Restart Physical Activity for Mental Health. Giovanni Hernández - Ricardo Ortiz Pulido - Rubén Ortiz Pulido


“Creix amb Dansa”: Healthy Active Living Project for Children and Youth, based on a Leisure Education initiative and NeuroEF principles through Dance and Physical Education. Agustí Castillo Cañiz - Nàdia Pesarrodona Rovira

Creating a Global Index Measuring Countries’ Levels of Fitness: The “World’s Fittest Countries Ranking”. Nadim Nassif - Kaissar Keyrouz

Coaches Help Czech and Slovak Teachers in Primary Schools. Jan Macháček - Branislav Antala - Diana Kosová - Martin Dovičák

Instructional Effectiveness in Physical Education: Factors for Attaining Motor Skill Equity. Ulana Lysniak - Eve Bernstein

eL CaMiNo De piEFcitos: United for a Healthy and Sustainable Physical Education. Carlos Chamorro Durán

Innovation in Physical Activity to Health Lifestyles through the Mile´s Schools Program: A Mexican Experience. Antonio Eugenio Rivera-Cisneros - Néstor Rangel Jantes- Manuel Guerrero-ZainosGabriela Murguía-Cánovas - Yesenia Lara-Mayorga - Jorge Manuel Sánchez GonzálezJuan Antonio Rivera-Ríos - Gloria Vargas-Sánchez - Ricardo Félix-Inguanzo – Felipe Horacio Gómez-Ballesteros - Marco Antonio Ojeda Macías

An International Review of the Contributions of School-based Physical Activity, Physical Education, and School Sport to the Promotion of Health-enhancing Physical Activity. Richard Bailey - Manolis Adamakis- Jana Vašíčková - Petr Vlček - Andreu Raya Demidoff - Uwe Pühse - Sandra Heck - Claude Scheuer

The Use of Speed Agility Training Aids for Developing Physical Fitness. Candrawati Ibrahim - Garry Kuan - Chin Ngien Siong - Ismail Dikoh - Nurlyn Syifaa’ Jacklyna Aban - Muhd. Dzulfikrie Hipni - Ratna Kertinie Hipni - Malisa Haziqah Mohammad Haffizie


Exploring the Efficacy of an International Immersion Program towards Building Cultural Competence for Health and Physical Education Teachers: Australia and Samoa. Matthew Winslade - Lana McCarthy - Suzie Schuster

The Professional Identity of the Physical Education Teacher. Hector Manuel Icaza Campa

Motor Education in Primary Schools in Italy, the Role of the Teacher of Motor Science in State Law. Francesco Perrotta

Issues of Outdoor Physical Education in Bibliographic Databases. Agnieszka Pasek - Barbara Griffin - Marcin Pasek

Students with Special Educational Needs Care within Physical Education Classes while Covid-19 Lockdown in the North of Mexico. Mayra Judith Jurado Neri- Ramón Alfonso González Rivas - Oscar Nuñez Enriquez – Javier Bernabé González Bustos- Ma. de los Ángeles Bibiano Mejía - Felipe Valenzuela Jurado

The Health Benefits of Physical Activity in People with Alzheimer's Disease - A Short Review. Italo Sannicandro - Rosa Anna Rosa - Giusi Antonia Toto

Physical Literacy as a Health Option for Children: Overweight and Obesity a Rising Problem. Liliana Aracely Enríquez del Castillo - Oscar Núñez Enríquez - Luis Alberto Flores Olivares

The Development and Evolution of School Sports Policies since China's Reform and Opening up. Qianyi Wang - Lin Li - Xin Liu

Importance of Physical Education in the Early Stages of the Life Cycle, for a Healthy Life. Jose Francisco Mora Núñez - Manuel Guerrero Zainos

Physical Activity at School of Children in Poland during the First Three Years of Primary Education. Aleksandra Lodzińska - Magdalena Lelonek

Percentiles of Physical Qualities in Men and Women of Primary Schools, in San Luis Potosí Mexico. Manuel Guerrero Zainos - Antonio Eugenio Rivera Cisneros - Ricardo Félix Inguanzo – Juan Sandoval Barajas

Effect of Exercises on Elderly to Prevent Fall: A Narrative Review. Wan Zhen Lee - Kueh Yee Cheng - Muhammad Hafiz Hanafi – Garry Kuan

Criticality in New Zealand Physical Education: Disrupting the Orthodoxy, Creating a New Imagery. Susannah Stevens - Ian Culpan

Physical Activity on Children and Youth – The importance for a Healthy Lifestyle. Liliana Ramos - Susana Franco - Carla Chicau Borrego

Obstacle Course Race in Physical Education Lessons: A Way to Contrast the Covid-19 Restrictions. Viviana Zito - Nicola Lovecchio

Physical Education and Physical Activities Attitude in the Preservice Physical Education Teacher in Primary School for Healthy Active Living Research. Stefania Cazzoli - Federico Abate Daga


Influencée de l'angle cuisse-tronc sur la mobilité de la chaine posturale. Djiby Guissé Diakhate - Mohamed Mansourou Lawani - Gratien Houeto - Djibril Seck

Les activités physiques et sportives au Maroc: constats, contraintes et voies d’amélioration. Abderrazak El Akari

Realités infrastructurelles, activités de loisir et perspectives d´attraction au parc urbain Bangr-Weoogo de Ouagadougou. Gouriyamba Ouedraogo - Augustin Pale - Antoine Hounga

Détermination des normes de la valeur physique liée à la santé en milieu scolaire en Algérie - 13 – 19 ans catégorie garçons. Nacer Abdelkader - Sebbane Mohammed - Belkadi Adel - Remaoun Mohamed

Le boom du fitness au Sénégal : le développement de l’activité physique pour tous à partir d’initiatives privées. Fall Ibrahima

La lutte de KÃGOR-YÕ du peuple "SAN" de Nayala au Burkina Faso: une pratique saine des enfants a sauvegarder. Boukaré Ouedraogo - Augustin Pale - Sakré Pakode

Contribution de l’Education Physique et du Sport (EPS) à la résilience communautaire par l’animation socio-éducative, sanitaire, culturelle et économique (ASCE) face à l’épidémie de la Covid-19 au Sénégal. Seck Djibril - Sèye Amadou - Ndongo Mohamed - Ndiouck Amadou - Diompy Patrick - Diouf Thierno

Gestion de l’enseignement l’Education Physique et du Sport Scolaire dans le contexte de la Covid-19 au Maroc. Abdesselam Mili

Attitudes des élèves vis-à-vis du cours d’éducation physique et sportive, perception des compétences durant la période de propagation de la Covid-19 au Gabon. Doumbeneny Jean Derlish Désiré - Tsamba Nzedy Rosamour Gassien Aymar – Boulamba Mounanga Sandra