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The Digital Transformation of the Fitness Sector: A Global Perspective


  • Jerónimo García-Fernández (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)
  • Manel Valcarce-Torrente (Valencian International University, Spain)
  • Sardar Mohammadi (University of Kurdistan, Iran)
  • Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz (Valencian International University, Spain)

The fitness sector is a growing economy where suppliers, managers and consumers are in continuously evolving relationships, and in which technology plays a key role in optimization. The Digital Transformation of the Fitness Sector highlights the challenges and opportunities of digitalization uncovered in the wake of recent global challenges in countries around the world.

The innovations that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a digital transformation of sports services: facilitating interactions between trainers and consumers, establishing social media as a means of boosting a sector already witnessing great growth, and organising exercise spaces. Yet, as explored by the authors in this edited collection, disparities in accessibility to economic and digital resources that enable digitalization vary depending on the providers, the managers, and the geographical situation facing the organization.

With contributions from leading academics and professionals, The Digital Transformation of the Fitness Sector is an excellent read for all practitioners working in fitness technologies, sports marketing, sports management, researchers, and students.

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Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781801178617

Published: 20 Jul 2022

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

Dimensions: 236 pages - 152 x 229 x 16.02mm

List Price: 75 €


Chapter 1. The Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Fitness Industry in the World; Jerónimo García-Fernández, Manel Valcarce-Torrente, Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz, and Sardar Mohammadi

Part I. The European Industry

Chapter 2. The Digitally-Enabled UK Fitness Sector; Ray Algar and Guy Griffiths

Chapter 3. The Spanish Fitness Industry and the Digital Transformation; Manel Valcarce-Torrente, Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz, and Jerónimo García-Fernández

Chapter 4. Digital Transformation and Innovation in Portugal Fitness Centres; Vera Pedragosa and Helena Ferreira Barbosa

Chapter 5. To Become Digital or Not… The Case of Greece; Efi Tsitskari and Alexios Batrakoulis

Chapter 6. Fitness and Digital Transformation in Turkey; Ali Sevilmiş and Erkan Faruk Şirin

Chapter 7. Digital Transformation in the Fitness in Italy; Paolo Menconi and Paolo Monesi

Chapter 8. Digital Fitness in Lithuanian Fitness Centers; Irena Valantine, Inga Staskeviciute-Butiene, and Edvinas Eimontas

Part II. The North – South American Industry

Chapter 9. The Digital Fitness Industry in the U.S; Devin J. F. Anderson, Hannah H. Bo, Troy T. Zhao, and James J. Zhang

Chapter 10. The Digital Transformation in Mexico: The Case of the Fitness Industry; Isela Guadalupe Ramos Carranza, Ciria Margarita Salazar, and Edwin Román Albarrán Jardón

Chapter 11. Digital Transformation Practices in the Brazilian Fitness Industry; Flávia da Cunha Bastos, Raquel Vieira Nakamura, and Guilherme Moscardi Monteiro

Chapter 12. Digitization, Transformed or Disguised? The Digital Transformation in Argentina; Guillermo Vélez

Part III. The Asia – Pacific Industry

Chapter 13. The Indian Fitness Industry: Impact of Digitalization; Linsy Mathew, and Simon George

Chapter 14. Digitalisation of the Fitness Industry in Australia: Disruption, Adoption and Opportunities; Duncan Murray, Karen Williams, and Michelle Zacharko

Chapter 15. The Digital Transformation of Health and Fitness Clubs in Japan; Yasuhiro Watanabe and Toshie Takahashi

Chapter 16. The Digital Transformation in the Fitness Sector of China; Liangjun Zhou and Ziqing Tuo

Part IV. The Africa and Middle East Industry

Chapter 17. The Evolution of Digital Transformation in Saudi Arabia´s Fitness Industry; Nawaf Almohaimeed and Marta Perez-Villalba

Chapter 18. The Fitness Digital Transformation in Egypt; Khaled Ebada and Hamdy Mansour

Chapter 19. The Digital Transformation of the Fitness Sector in Kenya; Stanley Kagunda Kinuthia and Margaret Gathoni Kinuthia

Chapter 20. Digital Transformation in Iranian Fitness Centers; Mojtaba Ghasemi Siani, Sardar Mohammadi, and Korosh Veisi

Cita (APA):

García-Fernández, J., Valcarce-Torrente, M., Mohammadi, S., & Gálvez-Ruiz, P. (2022). The Digital Transformation of the Fitness Sector: A Global Perspective. Emerald Publishing Limited.